Working Marketing Techniques 2017

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been a largest marketing technique since many years working and its keep working to continue in 2017. As many companies keep focusing on generating best and best content, now will become tougher to call out in a vast gaming field. Instead of heavily relying on the content techniques and types which is the new concept developed by Digital Garden the best Dubai web design company, we should focus on innovative strategies that will delight and surprise the users:

Live Streaming

Live streaming provides a way to generate and dedicate cool content in a way that allows direct and immediate access to users.

Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content describes the brand more relatable and lighthearted aspects, deepening connection and engagement.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing lets you concentrate on new content in the symbol of posts and visuals provided by influential users outside of the brand itself.


Personalization lets you increase visibility by tailoring content to match up the particular desires and needs of several other users.

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